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Each Key Leader weekend is facilitated by a highly qualified and well trained Lead Facilitator. Learn more about the amazing people who inspire tomorrow's leaders. 

Carol Clyde   Craig Crawford   Jane Erickson    Tracey Devereaux   

       Josh Hiscock  Andrew Heng  Scott Johnson     

Brian LeDuc   Greg Long   Chris Niles   

Ben Pendry  Doug Peters Brian Ritchie  Nancy Short  

Annie Smith   Kim White    


Our 2017 lead facilitators and staff (Left to Right): 

Top row L to R: Matthew Nance, Greg Long, Craig Crawford, Roy Hedeen, Brian Ritchie, Ben Pendry, Scott Johnson, Doug Peters.

Front row L to R: Andrew Heng, Carol Clyde, Annie Smith, Nancy Short, Josh Hiscock, Brian LeDuc, Kim White, Dick Peterson.