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Just What Is Key Leader?

Wow! Check out Kiwanian and Key Leader chaperone Alan Arbuckle's first hand account of Key Leader at Mountain Chalet Aspen in Colorado, October 7-9. 


Immediate Past-Gov. Bert says it was THE one experience that really stood-out from his year traveling around the Rocky Mountain District. Governor Bob learned the value of Key Leader this past weekend, though he struggled to make those midnight room checks. 

Key Leader is a weekend that teaches high schoolers leadership skills and team building. But to just leave it at that is really not an adequate description. Key Leader is an experience that won’t soon be forgotten by those young people. Workshops taught 5 principles of leadership: Integrity, Growth, Respect, Community, and Excellence. Hands-on workshops gave the student participants the experience of building a team through communication and trust. 

Student facilitators (who had taken the course before) were team leaders who not only built their team but also demonstrated Key Leader skills by example. 

All of this happens in an atmosphere of mutual respect, personal growth and honesty. Sprinkled with spontaneous outbursts of dance and singing. Smiles… so many happy smiles.

Key Leaders learn who they are by challenging their values, and working through physical challenges (like the spider rope pictured here) that got them out of their comfort zone. Teaching the young leaders how to communicate with others that might not share their personality type and to trust their new friends. Exercises that made them think, work together to achieve a group goal, discover who they are… who they want to be. GROW.

If your Kiwanis club isn’t sending kids to Key Leader, you really should volunteer or at least spend part of day at Key Leader. It is a great program.

To learn more about events in your area visit and contact the local Key Leader chair listed there. To learn more about sponsoring a student, visit