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Tracey Devereaux

Tracey is a transplanted Cape Bretoner who combines his unique sense of humor and warmth with extensive teaching and training experience. He has been educating restoratively for over 25 years and is currently with the Restorative Initiatives Unit of DOJ as the Restorative Approach in Schools Coordinator.

For over 25 years, Tracey has been developing his talents as an educator, working not only in public and private schools, but also spending thirteen years working with med-high risk young offenders as well as incarcerated adults. In addition, Tracey has been a Learning Facilitator for Phoenix Youth Program, a teaching Vice Principal at King’s View Academy and a Lead Facilitator for the Kiwanis Key Leader Program since 2013, traveling across North America providing leadership development to high school students.

Tracey rounds out his teaching accomplishments with extensive community involvement in a variety of capacities and is most proud of his roles as Dad to three wonderful daughters and as grandfather to the cutest grandson ever – just ask him!