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Craig Crawford

Craig is superintendent of schools in Stanford, Montana. He has 21 years of experience as an educator. He owned his own Domino’s Pizza Franchise in a previous life. Craig has served as president of his local Kiwanis Club. He has served as president of the local Salvation Army Board of Directors and also served as President of the Montana Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals. For the past eight years, he has been Santa Claus for local schools and children’s shelters.

He owns a leadership consulting company, Focused Consulting ( and does keynote speaking and leadership training for schools and corporations. He has done a TEDTalk about bullying. He was born in New Jersey (youngest of six) and has lived in Tennessee, Texas, and Georgia before getting to his heart’s home, Montana. Craig has lived in Montana for eleven years and can’t imagine living anywhere else. He is building his retirement cabin in the mountains in his spare time.

He loves hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, and playing golf. He keeps his iPod full of music (mostly 80’s and Tay Tay), is a warehouse of obscure movie lines, and enjoys laughing. Each March he temporarily loses his mind for the NCAA basketball tournament. Craig has two amazing kids who are young adults and the best accomplishment of his life. He has a dog, named “Montana” (yep, he loves it that much!)