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  • The Prudential Spirit of Community Award Application Now Open!

    "Are you a middle level or high school student making a difference through volunteering? Apply today for national recognition, monetary awards and an all-expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C.!

    The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards honors students in grades 5-12 for making meaningful contributions to their communities through volunteer service...."

    Interested? Follow the link below to apply or find out more!

    The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Application

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  • Participate in NASSPs Instagram contest promoting global citizenship

    Are you making a world of difference? Join millions of students around the world who think globally and act locally. Check out the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) Student Leadership Initiative: Global Citizenship at

    You'll find great project ideas, ways to get involved and if you're busy making the world a better place, share what you're doing through the NASSP Global Citizenship Instagram contest. 

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  • Key Leader weekend is a life changing experience

    I can't thank you enough for the support you give to our Fontana Key Clubs! My students were all beaming with joy and excitement today! Early this morning they were eager to come tell me about their weekend at Key Leader Camp and ecstatically they recounted detail after detail about their weekend. Each student was transformed as they learned the value of being leaders in their school and community. They acknowledged their shortcoming and each expressed with such enthusiasm the desire to change, be involved, be leaders, and be a community. Unanimously they expressed this weekend event was life changing and they all stood up today during our club meeting with tears in their eyes sharing with all the members how significant this leadership camp was and how they wish every student had been able to have learned what they learned and to have been impacted as they were impacted. Without Kiwanis providing scholarships for these students, there is no way our students would have been able to attend such an event and please know you made a difference in the lives of 5 AMAZING Fontana High School students who will remember this event for the rest of their lives! I know Key Club taught me so much 10 years ago, when I was a timid club president who learned so many leadership skills that I continue to apply to my life today. THANK YOU for all that you do and please know that all your labor and support is not in vain.

    With deep gratitude,

    Natalie Marquez
    Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry Teacher
    Key Club Advisor
    Fontana High School

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  • Key Leader 2016 news


    Results just in from the spring/summer events of 2016---there were 18 events in USA, Canada and Malaysia with 907 student participants and 137 student facilitators. In that group of students, 75% were already members of Key Club. The average age was 15 and average grade was 10th—or second year in high school. On a five-point scale, the students ranked the whole event at 4.5 with the Lead Facilitators highest at 4.7.

    In the 11 ½ years of Kiwanis Key Leader, there have been 569 events serving over 28,000 students throughout the world. In the fall of 2016, there were will be 24 events, and registration is open for all events. Spring 2017 events are now being booked!

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  • 2017 Key Leader Events Announced


    As the fall 2016 events begin, we're already looking to 2017. Take a moment to check out where Key Leader will be this fall. We're excited to be returning to some of the longstanding camps which have offered great Key Leader events in the past, and we're looking forward to Key Leader taking place at some new camps in 2017. View the list to see where Key Leader will be in your district.

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