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Months before, Brian Turindwamukama had been living in his Ugandan hometown. At Key Leader, he learned important things about his new country--and himself. 

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Every year, Key Leader reminds Byron Tabor why he loves Kiwanis service and mentoring young people.

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Samantha Lemons was nervous when she arrived at her first Key Leader weekend. But she went home with a new perspective.

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Paul Meyer knew of Key Leader's potential to change students' lives. But he didn't expect the change to be so dramatic.

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Every young life needs a good influence. For David Dillman, the Kiwanis Key Leader program provided it. 

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Check out what others are saying about Key Leader:

"Each day there was absolutely  amazing. Our lead facilitator was an inspiration to every person in the room, and I am proud to say that she has helped me believe in myself and my abilities to become a leader."— Excerpt from an article written by a Key Leader graduate from Ohio

"Key Leader creates a comfortable setting that helps everyone discover talents within themselves. It was the spark that changed who I was and paved a brighter future for who I can become." —Key Club member from Iowa

"Key Leader has been an aha moment not only for me but also for the students who attend. It gives insight to the Kiwanis mission and the amazing potential our youth have to offer." —Kiwanis Club member from California

"My favorite part of the weekend is watching my students reach their full potential and blossom as leaders. Kiwanis Key Leader changes lives." Teacher from Indiana

"After her Kiwanis Key Leader weekend, my daughter seems to have a new drive and focus on her future. Being around the positive influence of the Kiwanis group has been an incredible experience for her." Parent of a Key Leader graduate from Georgia

"In November I had a unique opportunity to attend Kiwanis Key Leader. It was one of the most life-changing experiences of my life. Prior to going, I served as a Class President and represented my school’s student body on the Fairfax County Student Human Right Commission, but never before that weekend have a felt as confident about myself as a leader. In fact, I can say Key Leader unlocked my potential. The skills I learned at Key Leader, I have applied to every aspect of my life, from being a good student at school, to keeping my integrity when my friends choose otherwise. But above all, after Key Leader, I am a true leader. One that people can look up to and seek out for advice."
—Anastasia, a freshman Key Club member from Northern Virginia

"I can't thank you enough for the support you give to our Fontana Key Clubs! My students were all beaming with joy and excitement today! Early this morning they were eager to come tell me about their weekend at Key Leader Camp and ecstatically they recounted detail after detail about their weekend. Each student was transformed as they learned the value of being leaders in their school and community. They acknowledged their shortcoming and each expressed with such enthusiasm the desire to change, be involved, be leaders, and be a community. Unanimously they expressed this weekend event was life changing and they all stood up today during our club meeting with tears in their eyes sharing with all the members how significant this leadership camp was and how they wish every student had been able to have learned what they learned and to have been impacted as they were impacted. Without Kiwanis providing scholarships for these students, there is no way our students would have been able to attend such an event and please know you made a difference in the lives of 5 AMAZING Fontana High School students who will remember this event for the rest of their lives! I know Key Club taught me so much 10 years ago, when I was a timid club president who learned so many leadership skills that I continue to apply to my life today. THANK YOU for all that you do and please know that all your labor and support is not in vain."
—Natalie, a teacher and Key Club advisor from Los Angeles, California

For our students, Key Club newly elected officers practiced leadership in dynamic student teams with similarly recognized peers from across the Kiwanis Carolinas District. Together, they learned to deliver the Kiwanis message of personal and community values in engaging activities. They learned about trusting themselves by trusting others. They practiced leading the Kiwanis mission of community development. All students heard some important concepts like 'lead from the bottom up' and ' act in ways that reflect your values.' They heard timeless wisdom such as 'you can never go wrong doing good', and they had time to redefine 'SMART' Goals. They had authentic challenges and successes placing these concepts into practice in some great group activities. — Thank you letter excerpt from Veronica,  a Key Leader sponsor and chaperone, Linville, NC.

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