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  • Key Leader 2016 news


    Results just in from the spring/summer events of 2016---there were 18 events in USA, Canada and Malaysia with 907 student participants and 137 student facilitators. In that group of students, 75% were already members of Key Club. The average age was 15 and average grade was 10th—or second year in high school. On a five-point scale, the students ranked the whole event at 4.5 with the Lead Facilitators highest at 4.7.

    In the 11 ½ years of Kiwanis Key Leader, there have been 569 events serving over 28,000 students throughout the world. In the fall of 2016, there were will be 24 events, and registration is open for all events. Spring 2017 events are now being booked!

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  • 2017 Key Leader Events Announced


    As the fall 2016 events begin, we're already looking to 2017. Take a moment to check out where Key Leader will be this fall. We're excited to be returning to some of the longstanding camps which have offered great Key Leader events in the past, and we're looking forward to Key Leader taking place at some new camps in 2017. View the list to see where Key Leader will be in your district.

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  • Share the Key Leader video with friends

    Share the Key Leader video with friends and encourage them to share with others. The video documents the team building and leadership development that happens during events. 

    2010 Key Leader (Take the Lead) from Kiwanis International on Vimeo.

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  • Thanks and Merci!

    Thanks and Merci---We are very grateful once again this year for the support of Kiwanis Key Leader that has been received from the Kiwanis International Foundation and from the Kiwanis Foundation of Canada.  KIF grant supports a $25 scholarship to each Key Club or Builders Club member who attends a Key Leader event, as well as additional support for the operations of Key Leader.   The Kiwanis Foundation Canada grant supports a $50 scholarship to each attendee at a Key Leader event in Canada.  Both Foundations have generously funded these scholarships for a number of years.  We thank them and all the club gifts to the Foundations that make these grant funds available.

    Once again in 2016, many Kiwanis clubs,  districts, and  district foundations, as well as  Key Club districts,  are also supporting Key Leader attendees with many scholarships.  Our thanks to all these individuals and organizations whose great support helps many students come to Key Leader.

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  • News from Key Leader 2015 Evaluations

    Did you know?

    • Key Leader served students from 6 countries in 2015—Grand Cayman Island, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada (7 provinces) and the United States ( 39 states).
    • In Canada, Ontario and New Brunswick were the provinces with the most students.
    • In the United States, California and Texas were the states with the most students.
    • Key Leader attendees are also very active in other student activities, with the most participants in Athletics and Music/art programs. In 2015 66% of Key Leader students were also members of Key Club International.
    • The number #1 reason that students attended a Key Leader event was their interest in service leadership and how to bring it to their school.
    • On the evaluation 5-point scale, the overall event evaluation continued at 4.6 this year, with the Lead Facilitators being the highest rank item at 4.7. All items evaluated were 4.3 or higher.

    Student comments

    • I liked Everything! Especially the message that we are ALL leaders—we just need to keep those values that we found here!
    • Everyone was so welcoming! It was so much fun and people were so encouraging. 
    • I hardly knew anyone at the start of the weekend, and now I’ve made some life-long friends.
    • I loved the curriculum. It really opened new doors for me. 
    • The sense of community we all built and how much we learned.
    • Everything! Literally the best camp I’ve ever attended. Everyone was absolutely friendly and enthusiastic!
    • I really enjoyed the meaningful discussions, the camp itself, and the time we got to spend together as a community.

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