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Follow these easy steps to get registered.


2014 Key Leader event registration is now open! About 50 Key Leader Weekends will take place in 2014. All events are open to 8th grade graduates through current 12th graders. 

Find an event near you in this year’s schedule. Click the arrow(s) and follow the prompts to pinpoint the right Key Leader weekend event for you. The menu options also let you narrow your search by city, state/province or date.

  1. Search by “Date” (click Filter by and then Date) 
  2. Find an available date. 
  3. Browse the site and location links for more details, such as directions to the camp. 
  4. Email the contacts with any questions. 
  5. Read these registration instructions before clicking any register buttons or starting the registration process.

Click the arrow above and select DATE to get started!